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San Jose Medical Group to Open Under Silicon Valley Medical Development After Receiving Court Approval

Clinics Open April 1 Under New Ownership to Ensure Continuous Patient Care

San Jose, CA (March 27, 2019) — Silicon Valley Medical Development (SVMD) today announced it will complete its asset purchase of five clinics in San Jose and South County and open those new clinics together with San Jose Medical Group on April 1 to ensure continuity of care for patients.

“We are so pleased that all the elements necessary have aligned to put patient care first,” said Bruce Harrison, president of SVMD. “San Jose Medical Group physicians serve an important community need, and we are honored to work with them to quickly open and make this transition as seamless as possible for their patients.”

SVMD received approval from the bankruptcy court on March 27 that its offer to purchase was accepted and, as planned, formalized its professional services agreement with San Jose Medical Group.

The five new clinics at: 625 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose; 2585 Samaritan Drive, San Jose; 18550 DePaul Drive, Morgan Hill; 9360 No Name Uno, #125, Gilroy; and 227 North Jackson Avenue, San Jose; will operate under the name San Jose Medical Group, an affiliate of Silicon Valley Medical Development.

“At SVMD, we seek to elevate the health care experience, and, in the near future, the community can expect to see service enhancements, new technology and other improvements at these sites,” said Harrison.

According to Harrison, the primary goal is for each location to be open and available to patients on Monday. The court’s delayed approval caused a shortened timeframe between approval and the clinics’ opening date. Now that SVMD received approval, it can provide staff employment offers. Initially positions will be filled through a combination of direct employment and contracted agencies. Patients previously served by SJMG physicians will be contacted to ensure their health care needs are being met appropriately.

“We are pleased to have a new home where we can continue to see our patients and meet their needs,” said Shabnam Husain, M.D., Chair of SJMG. “We commend SVMD’s foresight and commitment to the local community, keep our physician group intact, and open these clinics in such short order. It was a huge undertaking and an effort for which we are thankful and that will serve our community well for years to come.”